Yet again, I am attempting to create art. Needless to say, I am not extremely happy with the outcome, but I am learning and improving as I go.

This is the first time I’ve attempted to draw cherry blossoms.  Not many details there, just colorful dots. Next time I’ll try to add a detailed background to my digital painting. Hopefully, it will turn out alright.  The person in this drawing has a pretty interesting face. What I like the most about it are the eyes. The hair could use a little more work, but I’ve noticed that I’ve gotten better at drawing and coloring it (shading as well), which is quite exciting.

It is a very slow and frustrating process, the road towards improvement. I am certain that one day I will reach a higher skill level. If it was easy, what would its value really be?

I’m looking forward to starting my next project.



This is a character I drew, taken from the comic Preacher, which is also where I got the reference.  I kept it simple, added no color. What finally emerged from my digital canvas looked decent enough , so I decided to post it here. As I said before, I’m going to use this blog in order to record my progress and for that I’m going to draw, and draw and draw… It was fun to sketch, especially that impressive grin of his and the interesting hairstyle.



This was actually painted in an old-fashioned manner first, using acrylics, then scanned and tweaked a tiny bit using my graphics tablet.

I suppose I got inspired to paint this after watching a documentary about the Cosmos. Supernovas are insane explosions of light, matter and radiation and they can get into all kinds of interesting shapes, with little bits flowing everywhere, so I tried personalizing it a little.

This one looks far more peaceful than a true Supernova would. I’d say that it looks more like the aftermath of the infamous stellar explosion.

I can see now that I tend not to give my characters any names. So far, I have Bazooka Guy and Supernova Girl. There is absolutely no connection between the two, maybe except for their nameless status. Once some characters start recurring, I am going to name them, maybe even place them into little stories, or comics. Who knows?


Quick Sketch



Hi there! I suppose I should introduce myself and reveal what’s what about this blog.

The name I’m using is Achlus, which, in Greek mythology, is also the name of a lesser known entity that is the personification of mist…the death mist, to be more precise, unknown and mysterious, deathly, yet with a little touch of lively.

Just as the attached drawing suggests, this is going to be about art. I am a complete beginner when it comes to digital drawing. As for the good old pencil and paper traditional method, I used to delve into into it when I was younger.  For reasons unknown even to myself, I stopped doing it so frequently and now I regret it dearly.

But time is not yet lost. I am 20 years old and a student. I have decided to build my own blog and record my progress. I can’t do any complex and awe-inspiring paintings right now, but I am going to improve. I’m quite sure that I’m never going to find my own work awesome, though.

This is one drawing from my currently limited collection. It would be fun to draw this one again a year from now and see for myself exactly how much I managed to improve.

Should I elaborate on this particular image? It’s just a guy with a bazooka, staring in the face of imminent danger. I love creating this kind of thing. Well, I love creating all sorts of things, really.  I want to invent characters and tell short stories on diverse topics:     gut-wrenching stories that will make you shed a tear, amusing little bits that will have you crack a smile (hopefully), confusing plot twists and amazing endings. Yeah, I’d like to create comics, to illustrate books. I’m getting ahead of myself.

Going back to the present, I will continue to share my work. Something good will come of this, fingers crossed!